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Spend less time and resources on paperwork with a cloud-based system packed with powerful features. 

Attendance reports by year, department and employee.

Attendance Report 2022

  • EXPORT: use our export feature to export rosters in an Excel format for bulk editing or sharing with employees. 

  • IMPORT: after bulk editing or adding schedules on an Excel sheet, import the spreadsheet into 4time+ with ease. 

  • COLOUR CODE: add colour to your roster to help employees identify their work location or a specific team/task they are working on.

  • EMAIL: send out rosters via email to employees. 

  • BULK COPY: copy one month's roster into another month or one year into another year. 

  • DRAG AND COPY: use our drag and copy feature to copy shifts from one cell to multiple cells on the roster. 

  • TOTAL ROSTERED HOURS: keep track of total hours rostered out to employees and stay on budget. 


4time+ roster


time and attendance timesheet
  • TO ROSTER: set all early clock in to rostered start time and all late clock out to rostered end time. This will prevent any unauthorized overtime. 

  • HOURS CAPPING: can be used for exempt workers or other categories of workers not eligible for (overtime) pay above 8 hours a day or 40 hours a week.

  • AUTO LUNCH DEDUCTION: set auto deductions for lunch and break times and allow the system to do the rest. 

  • ATTENDANCE STATUS AND GRACE PERIODS: get present, absent and late status reports. Set a grace period to determine when the late status is applied.

  • RECORD HISTORY: access a log of all changes made by users when employee hours are manually added or edited.

  • APPROVE HOURS: allows authorized leaders to approve their department's hours. These approved hours will then populate in the 'Timesheet Reports' for final payroll approval.

  • USER PERMISSIONS: set access permissions for each user. 

  •  EXPORT OPTIONS: 4time+ allow for both CSV and PDF export options. 

  • ADD/ DEDUCT HOURS: Correct errors on the report by manually adding/deducting hours for different earning types. 

  • TRANSFER HOURS: the ability to transfer hours from one earning type to another. (e.g. overtime hours transferred to regular; regular hours transferred to holiday, and so on).

  • APPROVE REPORT FOR PAYROLL: give the final approval on hours before processing for pay. 

  • CLOSE REPORT: close the report and lock timesheets from further changes.  

  • RECORD HISTORY: access history logs of all edits made to the report with 'who' and 'when' information. 

  • EXPORT OPTIONS: 4time+ allows CSV and PDF export options. We also offer CUBE timesheet formatted export for easy uploading into your CUBE payroll system.
    Click here to learn more about CUBE


4time+ timesheet report
time and attendance timesheet report

Biometric Attendance

biometric time and attendance
  • DEVICES FOR EVERY INFRASTRUCTURAL NEED: our devices offer mobile data, wifi, ethernet, POE, and battery and run the latest Android firmware.  

  • FACE RECOGNITION: we developed a face recognition system with spoof detection, user sync, and offline operational flow. 

  • TOUCH SCREEN KIOSK: our SMART-Attend devices offer a slick look with a touch screen, 13mp camera, and an easy-to-use interface.  

  • MULTI-EMPLOYEE PUNCH: our face recognition allows for multi-employee punch in one session. Up to 50 employee punch at one time. Perfect for high-traffic punch times and locations.

  • LONG LASTING: our TK devices offer a sealed design, reinforced frame, and strengthened glass that protects this device from damage.  

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